My First Day

When I entered the SCMC campus I was mesmerized by the infrastructure and ambience

When I first found out that I had cleared all the selection rounds and was being offered admission at Symbiosis Centre of Media and Communication (SCMC), I was extremely ecstatic, as SCMC is ranked as India’s Best Mass Communication College. My parents had challenged me that I would only be allowed to pursue media if I got into the best college else I would have no choice but to pursue engineering. Thus, this was an extremely proud moment for me.

When I entered the SCMC campus I was mesmerized by the infrastructure and ambience. I had been warned by my mentor about the strict rules and regulations of the college. Thus, I was ready to face all these challenges. I met many like-minded people and thus it was very easy to connect with everyone around. I also found out that many students had quit engineering or other programs for the program offered by SCMC. This was also one of the reasons I could connect easily.

We had pre-induction sessions on the first day where we were told about the various courses and experiences this college was going to provide which included projects, internships, trips, courses, events, etc. The faculty seemed to be really friendly and extremely experienced. We were taken for a centre tour where we were shown all facilities that SCMC provided including the screening rooms, photography studio, editing studio, dark room, etc. I am a person who is extremely passionate about films and editing, so this was a dream come true. I found that SCMC not only excelled in content but also events and extra-curricular activities. We were told that we would have an event every month – a lecture demonstration, a college festival or a performing arts event. SCMC also encourages students to participate in clubs or use facilities like the gym or the football ground by providing the students additional attendance for the same. This shows that SCMC focuses on an overall development of the student.

I was given a glimpse of my future on the first day and I had an idea of how exciting this journey would be. On this day, I knew I was at the perfect place.


Article By: Sanil Akerkar (Batch of 2019)

Photograph By: Aroshi Handu (Batch of 2019)