My Dear Friend

I don’t know what to write here
but I know I have to write, today;
not for me…
for you.

you always asked me to write
“likho sakshi… bohot acha likhti ho tum”
when I told you I don’t like what I write
“kuch cheezein doosron ko chu jaati hai
bhale tumhe pasand na aaye”

when I told you I don’t know Hindi
“itna kuch likh deti ho, aur phir kehti ho Hindi nahi aati”
your voice is in my head
and I hope it never leaves
you taught me that not everything is written
for oneself
you can write for the hills
for the skies
for the adventures in life
for life
for this world

I don’t know how you saw so much beauty in this world
maybe it’s because you carried so much beauty within you
I still remember you, at the stairs
in that red kurta, that I know you love
you only wore it on your happiest days
or it made the day happy?
I don’t know
I never asked
I should’ve asked
now, I’ll never know
you were walking down, as the golden hour was ending
the light making your hair look gilded
your golden smile flashing
your eyes looking straight at me
making me want to grab a pen
and write poetry, at that very moment
your pure gold heart
shining so bright
as you wave at me, to say goodbye
and that, Samidha, is how I’ll remember you

 I’ll remember you as
golden sunshine
blue skies
old songs in dark rooms
black and white picture, with colourful frames
open mics with fairy lights
and poetry.
beautiful, raw, piercing poetry.

on some days I don’t like being a poet.
but then I remember, the family I’ve made through sharing poetry.
and it doesn’t seem half bad then.
did you feel that way too?
I don’t know
I never asked
I should’ve asked
well now, I’ll never know.

 it would be a shame if I didn’t end this in Hindi
these words don’t suit me, as they do you
but you asked me to keep trying
and try I will

shaam jaldi dhali aaj, dhalne do
raat se kya ghabrana?
har raat ke baad savera hoga
tum yahi chahti thi sikhana

tum khoobsurat ho kitni
tumhe kaise mai bataun?
shabd jaise chai mein ghuli chini
ab ye sab kaise jataun?

tum ek neela, khula aasmaan ho
kya tumhari ek tasveer lete jaun?
nahi, tum toh poora jahaan ho
jahan bhi jaun, ab sirf tumhe paun