Waves are often considered as a symbol of time- a moment once passed never comes back. A wave is never the same as the next. Water moves, taking away everything around it. With time, everything gets destroyed except for memories; memories that are embedded in your mind.

The sand felt soft under my feet

As I walked

Each step made my toes warm

When buried under the sand;

A temporary escape from the cool breeze

That caresses my body.

I went near the water

Slowly dipping my feet

As each wave danced

In front of me.

The excitement with which

Each wave ran to the shore

Shrunk as the farewell arrived.

I wrote my name on the sand

As the wave kissed it softly

As if scared to hurt my feelings.

As they went back,

Their voices seemed to echo

Like in a castle corridor

Of an unknown kingdom.

The smoothness made me forget time

As memories flooded in;

Memories embedded in my heart

Like photographs of past life.

The nightmares disappeared for a moment

And life suddenly reached an ecstatic peak

As I drowned in the

Music of the waves

Again and again.

Words by: P.S.Niranjana (Batch 2024)
Art by: Meghana Nair (Batch 2024)

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