Meet the Rising star – Lavina Narwani Climbing the Campaign “30 Under 30” Media Faces to Watch List


Campaign Middle East announced its “30 under 30” Media Faces to Watch list this year and one particularly familiar face amongst these young and creative professionals stands out.

A proud moment for SCMC, as one of our Alumni from the batch of 2020, Ms. Lavina Narwani has been featured on this list. The list showcases the brightest and best agency talent aged 30 and under. Getting this recognition is no small feat!

Lavina appreciates this professional milestone, a goal achieved in a span of seven months’ time as, “unique and special”.

She illustrates, “The journey is always as good as the people you’re around with, and I cannot thank my colleagues enough for their constant support. My colleagues have not only helped me understand my own strengths but have also constantly pushed me to aim higher.”

Seeking the right advice is central to new learnings although it is often seen as the passive consumption of wisdom. She shared with us the best piece of advice she has received, “There’s always more scope to learn. I truly have come to believe that especially in an industry as dynamic as ours, things can never be the same. There’s always going to be something new you will have to familiarize yourself with or sometimes, take a step or two back and learn something old and adapt it accordingly.” 

While celebrating this milestone, she still does believe there is a long way to go.

“I have just started my career and have been a part of some amazing projects and definitely look forward to being a part of many more!”

While making it to the Campaign Media Faces to Watch list is an incredible accomplishment, what’s even more impressive is the determination and hard work put in, to stand out and shine amongst the industry’s finest talent.

We at SCMC wish Lavina the best for her future endeavours!

Siddhi Shaha
(Batch 2022)

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