I wish I could explain how good it feels to be aware of the world around me, more than any average college student

It was 9:45 a.m. My legs had already started to grow restless. Within the first 15 minutes some of the brightest students in the nation had already given up on their first test. Just like every other college student we had ignored the importance of current affairs: something I had begun to deeply regret. But that is all MCRs are about at SCMC. They tell you what you should be aware of.

“WHAT IS MCR? IS THAT A SUBJECT AT SCMC?” –A question I am frequently asked. Well, for all those who aren’t aware, MCR stands for Media Content Review, a series of tests that require a person to be well aware of the recent happenings in the media industry and beyond. There’s no way one can prepare for it just before the test. Only if one has been reading various newspapers, magazines and blogs over a long time span, one will be able to successfully crack it.

MCR’s have become an important aspect of our lives at SCMC. At least due to its seriousness I have cultivated the habit of going through the current affairs newsfeed and not only my Facebook newsfeed. It has not only enriched my knowledge but has also deepened my views and perceptions on various happenings around the globe. At first, like every other student I was agitated and thought these tests to be fruitless. However, it was just a matter of time before I realised that it’s for our own good. When I first joined this college I had no idea about the various things going around me, nor did I bother to know them. Be it the Turkey coup taking a bad shape or the Kopardi rape case, from Burhan Wani’s outrage to Rahul Gandhi’s political stances. Now I can proudly say that I know them all.

I wish I could explain how good it feels to be aware of the world around me more than any average college student. These recent changes in my regime have not only gained me self confidence but also won me accolades from my family members who used to rebuke me of not being well aware of current happenings. After all, to be the best you should know the most, and, isn’t that why I am at SCMC?  #tobethebest


Article by- Harshal Wadnerkar (Batch of 2019) 

Photograph by- Bharat Madan (Batch of 2019)