Madhyam Prelims Begin: SCMC All Set For Annual Literary Festival!


With the preliminary rounds of Maadhyam going ahead in full gear, the last two weeks at SCMC have been filled with bustling hallways and riveting auditions. The auditions began on 4th November, with the events Just A Minute (JAM) and the poetry club’s Aankhon Dekhi, followed by Shipwreck, Poetry and Parchment and other exciting events in the following days.

“Even though I have participated in events like shipwreck before this in school, and during the ice-breaker sessions, I am super excited to audition for this year’s Maadhyam. You get to see the seniors perform really well and that’s exciting too!”, says Vyom Ramani, a first time participant from Batch ’25.

There is no hiding how competitive the batches get during the festival, but it’s also thrilling to watch the senior batches teach and mentor the new batch. “We cannot wait to see what Batch ’25 has to offer”, says Pooja Bhatia, a participant from Batch ’24.

Throughout the audition process, the determination of SCMC’s cultural coordinators and club heads is clearly visible. From setting the prompts and encouraging participation, to roping in previous club heads and alumni to judge the events, there is a lot of coordination and hard-work that goes on behind the scenes.

“I think it’s all really worth it in the end, because even as an audience the events are super fun and engaging. I can’t wait to see the winners of the auditions perform on stage”, says Akshaj Joshi, Batch 2024’s cultural coordinator.

With less than weeks left for SCMC’s Annual Literary and Debate Festival, there are also other Debate, Poetry and Journalism events’ auditions coming up throughout the week! The excitement in the corridors is palpable, and students can’t wait to witness Madhyam 2022.

Mansvini Sekar
(Batch 2024)