Maadhyam 2022: A Resounding Success!


The Symbiosis Centre for Media and Communication organized its annual inter-batch literary and debate festival, Maadhyam, carrying forward the legacy of literary prowess and ideational discourse, in the SVC Auditorium, on 15th November 2022. For the first time in two years, Maadhyam saw all three batches on campus filling the auditorium again with madness, cheers, and sheer talent! They had everything from poetry to heated debate to some reporter feast! The successful event was organized by the student council of ’23 and ’24, faculty, technical support staff, and volunteers. Batch ‘23 shining through and winning was the highlight of Maadhyam 2022. Akshaj Joshi and Vidhi Agrawal, cultural coordinators of Batch 24, moderated the event.

It had a series of events curated and hosted by the heads of the Poetry Club, Journalism Club, and Literature & Debate Club. They made it challenging, engaging, and exciting for the participants and audience. This year, for individual events, two participants from each batch were selected from the prelims to represent their batch in the finals. “Hosting Maadhyam this year was a huge challenge given that it was our first independent event functioning as the third-year cultural coordinators but also the fact that we doubled the batch representation this year, from one student (last year) to two students from each batch.” said Cultural coordinator, Chitra Raj, Batch 2023, on organizing the event.

Devil’s Advocate was the first and one of the most hyped events, hosted by the Literature and Debate Club Heads Jashan Sehmi and Anish Rajesh and judged by SCMC’s professor Amitabh Dasgupta. It saw hilarious puns and an exchange of words between Mr. Dasgupta and the participants. “All the events had their charm to them, and there were only so many I could participate in. The competitive streak was really what kept me going.”, said Armaan Misra, Batch 2024, winner of Devil’s Advocate, while Charu Sharma came 2nd, followed by Ananyanarayan Dhanabalan from Batch 2023.

The next event, “Aankhon Dekhi,” was hosted by the Poetry Club Heads, Soham Shah, and Eesha Javadekar. They introduced the judges, Professor Baidurya Chakrabarti and Professor Vidyabhusan Arya, and explained the rules of ‘Aankhon Dekhi,’ a poetry event based on a picture prompt. Participants from all batches gave sterling performances, with Raniya Ashraf Ali, Batch 2023, winning it with their piece titled ‘Caught in the Crossroads.’ Mansi Bajpai from Batch 2024, who came 2nd, said, “For me, Maadhyam is an experience in itself. Stepping on stage and getting to perform (especially after a long period of not performing during the lockdown) is an honor and a joy, honestly. I cannot think of a better way to commemorate the literary arts; it’s always so wonderful listening to everyone too.”

The Journalism Club Event, Infowars, also saw significant participation and excellent arguments, hosted by the Journalism Club Heads, Uzma Afreen and Ananyanarayan Dhanabalan, in which participants were required to present a conspiracy theory as a piece of accurate news like a reporter. The event’s judge was Mr. Sanjay Deshpande, who asked questions to the reporters after their pitches, ‘It is not a conspiracy but a possibility, replied Atharva Unhale from Batch 23 to Mr. Deshpande’s ‘never heard of the conspiracy theory, who secured the 2nd position. Pranoti Abhyankar from Batch 23 stood first.

“Maadhyam 2022 was a delight to attend. The literary prowess of all the three batches was amazing and cherishable, to say the least,” said Pooja Bhatia from Batch ‘24.

Before the batches broke for recess, ‘Ways to say you love someone’ was the theme of the Poetry and Parchment event. The performers and their pieces filled everyone’s hearts with love. Arjesh Gupta, from Batch 2024, secured the first position, while Pratistha Bagai and Khushi Dani, both from Batch 23, came 2nd and 3rd, respectively. Mr. Sanjay Deshpande was felicitated by Prof. Amitabh Dasgupta and Prof. Sagar Gokhale.

Speaking in Queen’s English, without fumbling or fluttering, the Just a Minute event hosted by Lit & Deb Club heads held everyone’s attention. It got as enjoyable as it could with each round, where participants also thought of pick-up lines. The Judge for the JAM was Shakti Sundaram, a member of the academic cell SCMS. Dishha Prasad, from Batch 24, won for the second consecutive year, with Anjali Bodempudi and Yeshi Shah securing 2nd and 3rd position.

“There is so much we got to see from all three batches, and as always, it’s a treat to see batches directly lock horns as was the case in Crossfire, which was also reflected in the audience.”, said Armaan Misra, finalist, team member of Batch 24 in the event Crossfire, where the agenda was, “The United Nations is no longer a relevant body.” Batch 23’s Soham Shah, Hardik Kharbanda, Ambika Bapat, and Apekshith Ganesh, who represented Palestine, won. The Judges were Prof. Sagar Gokhale and Pratikshya Mishra, alumni of SCMC.

The following two segments left the auditorium echoing with applause, cheers, goosebumps, and laughter, Mic Drop and Shipwreck. Krishnanu Panda’s “Tum Rabindranath ki geet aur Meera ki Krishna se preet”, “Equality is a Myth, covered with pictures and posters of Democracy” by Armaan Misra and Mansi Bajpai’s poetry on Mahabharat testified the words by the poetry club heads that Mic Drop is an event to showcase that the voice of a poet is everything.

Krishnanu Panda, Batch 25, won in the Hindustani language category, and Armaan Misra, Batch 24, in English.

Shipwreck was the last event of the day, judged by a panel of Professor Juhi Rajwani, Pratikshya Mishra, and Anish Rajesh, in which the most loved part of the rounds was the face-offs between the participants. Savya Sethi, Batch ‘23, stole the show, as Gabbar and won, followed by Sanyam Kacker and Armaan Misra, Batch ‘24.

“I loved the music video ‘Prem Deewani,’ made by the third years. The concept, costumes, and settings all intrigued me so much.” said Insiya, from Batch 25, about the ‘Prem Deewani’ music video, directed by Adya Srivastava and the students of Batch 23, which was screened at the end of the events.

The event ended with the felicitation of Professor Juhi Rajwani, another highlight of the day, and prize distribution, leading to the most awaited moment of the announcement of the batch winner. Shaily Raj, Batch 25, said, “Maadhyam was awesome. The third years totally deserved it. They were great. And I now look forward to Vaividhya.”

Nevertheless, Maadhyam 2022 was a massive success, with an insane amount of enthusiasm and participation from each batch. “However bumpy the roads may have been, the ride turned out pretty smooth. It was a proud moment for me to wrap Maadhyam ’22 with the auditorium reverberating with applause and success!” signed off Chitra Raj, a member of the Organising committee.

Suruchi Kumari
(Batch 2024)