Listen to the Storm

FILM REVIEW: Listen to the Storm is the story of two kids who lived together, laughed together, and made music together. Rohan was a bright kid, deeply passionate about his music, albeit extremely reserved. His best friend, a contrasting image of his own self, was exactly who he needed to keep him in check. The two were on the road to success, with a record label deal in hand and their futures ahead of them.

Then, one day, Rohan walked out and never returned. All he had left behind – a pen drive.

With relatable and compelling characters bubbling with the possibilities of youth, Listen to the Storm keeps the audience engaged for the duration of 15 minutes. The non-linear storytelling format and seamless editing contribute to bringing the production together as a whole. However, it is the brilliant sound mixing and background score that is at the heart of this film. It is only fitting that a film that gives us a glimpse into the lives of two music enthusiasts is brought together by excellent sound.

Arnav Pingale’s work is a must-watch for aspiring student filmmakers, an example of everything that can be done right.

Jaskirat Dhillon
(Batch 2021)