In the last three semesters, I haven’t had a free day, and I don’t regret coming here a bit

It’s Sunday night and I sit on my bed, typing away furiously to make the 12:00 a.m. deadline and submit my assignments. I am exhausted from the classes that have eaten away my weekend and already dreading the week full of classes coming my way.  I barely have any energy left and yet before I go to sleep, I do a little research for my internship and look up crucial information for my current project.

Every semester, we have 12 different courses with 5 tests/ assignments for each course. As part of our curriculum, we are required to do a minimum of two extra projects and an internship every semester. We are encouraged to try out different things, work constantly and learn as much as possible.

But the one thing that makes this entire process worthwhile is the fact that I am always busy. There is never a dull moment at SCMC. Whether I am preparing for my exams or a test, shooting for a short film, doing my internship or undertaking a project, there is always something to do. My life has come to be measured in focused actions and thought-provoking ideas.

If you are looking for ‘fun’ and ‘casual’, then this might not be the right deal for you. But if you are looking for an enriching experience that not only keeps you on your toes, but also constantly challenges you, then SCMC is the right place to be at. In the last three semesters, I haven’t had a free day, and I don’t regret coming here a bit.

This college has given me so much that the lack of work and spare time bore me. The constant need to do something has made me hard working and dedicated. It has polished me to an extent, where I have become capable of handling myself in the worst of situations. I have gained the ability to think on my feet and constantly strive to be a step ahead.

It is wholesome education garnished with the best of experiences. So if I were to be asked, to pick one experience or one good thing, I probably would fail at it because it is about the amalgamation of the good and the bad, making me a more capable person, and about a moment alone.


Article By: Anshika Nagar (Batch of 2018)

Photograph By: Kritika Siroliya (Batch of 2019)