Learning Professionalism

It was good to see consistency. A system that holds it all together, so many cultures, and so many opinions.

Back in my high school in the small town of Sambalpur, Odisha, I always wondered if teenagers like us would ever end up becoming working professionals one day; or if our parents were like us as teenagers and just started ‘adulting’ one sudden day. I could never get the thought of what ‘would make us change’ get out of my head. One of the major reasons why I even wanted to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication was because I was aware of the need to be professional and smart in today’s world.


Once I joined the Symbiosis Centre for Media & Communication, I was surprised to see the number of rules being regulated and followed in the institute. Although it was scary in the beginning, I knew it would all be worth it very soon. From following the dress code to reaching class on time to the 90% attendance requirement was all very overwhelming, but we all got used to it. I would like to think that I am a very organized person. For me, the need to be punctual to every gathering or a deadline was not an option, and this was all coming useful here in SCMC. In school, if you appear too disciplined, you’re definitely not cool; but SCMC was no school in this sense. It was good to see consistency, a system that holds it all together, so many cultures, and so many opinions.


Every time I went for an internship, I would notice how that organization worked and to be honest, it wasn’t very different from what we had experienced in SCMC. Since we had already been practicing a professional lifestyle in the best mass communications college of India, it wasn’t very difficult for most of us to blend into the systems of the organizations we joined for our internships, no matter if it were an NGO or a media agency.


After five semesters at SCMC, I now know how teenagers become working professionals, and that too good ones. Behind every professional, there is a really good institute grooming the best skills of the students.


Article By: Kaushiki Majumdar (Batch of 2018)

Photograph By: Kaushiki Majumdar (Batch of 2018)