Learning the Hands-on Way


As we concluded our fourth semester in college, all of us were nervy in anticipation of how we would fit into the professional world. Ever since our first day in college, we had been informed that the media industry is one which will keep us on the run all the time. At college, we are exposed to tumultuous amount of information pertaining to this strange yet amazing industry that we will be stepping into. Yet, sitting comfortably in the classroom, I could not comprehend the gravity of everything—the rush, the need for precision and accuracy, the need to prove myself at every step; all of it while trying to carve a space for myself.

As I stepped into my work place on the first day of my internship, I felt unnerved to say the least. After a bit of waiting, the people at my organization paved the way for me to dive into work. Although, I had an idea of what my roles will be in the Strategy department of an Ad agency, it still took me some time to figure out my way around. To begin with, I needed to polish some of my skills, post which I found out many more aspects which academic learning could never teach me. I got to learn about the littlest details of the different kind of work that was required in my department and how my overall approach to work should be.

Stepping into the real world is intimidating and a feat in itself. While, college has helped me with a holistic understanding of this industry, I have come to realize the importance of hands-on experience; the need for which is non-negotiable!

Sreya Bhattacharjee (Batch 2020)