Journey Through College

I am thankful to the faculty to enlighten me with a pool of knowledge about the world and even about myself.

The first day at SCMC was a roller coaster ride. Anxiety was rushing down the spine as it was the first time I came out of my comfort zone and was going to compete with 150 other talented people. ‘It’s rather going to be a tough journey’, I thought to myself as I stepped into my class for the first lecture. When the syllabi and the rules were introduced, I was comfortable in this atmosphere as it was something I did experience before in my high school. My parents were somewhere uncertain as it was a Bachelor in Mass Communication degree but when they attended the orientation program offered at SCMC, they were extremely happy that I was here.  

My goal was to maintain good grades, but that was a struggle. When I began my first semester here as a freshman, I felt very uncertain about the many weeks that would await me away from the comfort of home, where I felt extremely safe and warm. I suppose what I feared the most about beginning a new chapter at SCMC was that it was an unscripted start. Yet, as I began to go to my classes every day I began to comfortable. I realized I was not alone in my journey of living day by day. This not only gave me a sense of belonging but it also showed me that I have been given the privilege of living one day at a time and walking alongside friends who are doing the exact same thing. All the classes had been great fun besides learning new and exciting things.

The field trips and the study tours that we were taken to during the semester were the icing on the cake. The MCR’s and the additional screenings during the evenings were the best classes during this journey. The professors like Ms. Milinda Natu, Mr. Ashish Kulkarni, Mr. Sagar Kamath took the experience of studying in SCMC to another level. I am thankful to the faculty to enlighten me with a pool of knowledge about the world and even about myself.

The fact that we study this entire program for the first time is a different kind of an adventure. It’s a new life altogether, a chance to reinvent ourselves, pick up talents we are usually scared to venture into and experiment with the new opportunities that the program has to offer, both on field and off it.

Mansukhman Kaur (Batch of 2020)