ITS’20: Batch 2020 signs off with a hat-trick!


When Batch 2020 lifted the ITS Championship trophy for the third time, they were greeted with raucous cheers and received a well-deserved standing ovation. They will leave SCMC this year as the undefeated sporting champions after battling four different batches in their three years in college.

The champions were announced by Mitali Dhar, who heads the ITS organising committee and is also one of the sports coordinators of the successful Batch 2020 team.

The ITS had a  little extra by way of sporting competitiveness  this year, coming as it did soon after the first edition of RUSH, SCMC’s first ever pan-India sports fest.

The ITS Awards Ceremony on 27th January was kicked off by Sports Coordinator, Avdhi Bhalgat who began with a hearty vote of thanks to the sports committee and the faculty. Mr. Gangaram Mate, the Library in-Charge was thanked cordially for his unwavering support and backing throughout the festival. She then proceeded to acknowledge the efforts of the AV and Content Team for delivering incredible content and creatives on a scale never seen before.

Prof. Baidurya Chakrabarti handed out the certificates and medals to the winners. Tanaya Morye, Riya Rohatgi and Raghuvendra Chouhan won the Best Players of Batch 2022, Batch 2021 and Batch 2020 respectively.

On being asked about her experience, Riya Rohatgi said “ITS is the only time the whole batch comes together as one for an entire month. The practices which go on for weeks create a sense of belonging and unity. Like 2021’s marketing campaign underlines, specializations don’t matter during ITS. Everyone forgets all their grudges and antipathies and trains together with a common objective of winning the batch trophy.

“The funny part is we start doing our assignments on time because practices are scheduled all throughout the week. Also, since everyone represents the batch, they always give their best shot.

As for the awards ceremony, Riya said it was particularly special and emotional because that was when the third year council handed over the responsibilities entirely to the second years. “Apart from that, recognizing the hard work put in by the students always motivates them to do even better next year. As the Sports Coordinator, I was involved in every little thing while we organized the whole festival. Running a thousand errands every day from one campus to another seemed rewarding when I saw everyone flaunting their medals and certificates while smiling ear to ear.”

Anushka Ghadigaonkar
(Batch 2021)

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