Batch’22 Shines through in Women’s Singles Badminton


The first match of the coveted women’s single badminton tournament pitted Yeshi Shah from Batch ’23 against Tarishi Singhal from Batch ’24. While Yeshi stole the show with scores of 21-8 and 21-16, Tarishi was not disheartened and spoke with the spirit of a true sports player, “Yeshi is an outstanding player and gave a good fight. I believe that I was a good opponent too but played a few wrong shots.”

On the other hand, Yeshi’s excitement on winning for her batch was immeasurable as she exclaimed, “Chakde Phatte Batch 23!”.

The second match was between Malavika Binu from Batch ’22 and Anavi Birla from Batch ’24. While Anavi put her best foot forward, Malavika outmatched her opponent and stole the show by holding the scores at a stunning 21-5 and 21-3. Post her win, Malvika was overwhelmed by the energy on the court and said, “It was nice to be back on court after a long time.”

Tanaya Morye from Batch ’22 and Divyashree from Batch ’23 played the third and final match. Tanaya showcased her excellent dominance over the court and outplayed Divyashree by scores of 21-5 and 21-8. After her glorious win, Tanaya responded saying it was a great game, and said, “Even if I won by a significant difference, I had fun playing.” On the other hand, Divyashree took the defeat in her stride, “It was a great game, and I learned all about my strengths and weaknesses.”

Without a doubt, Batch ’22 outperformed their juniors, imparting valuable lessons in the midst of it all. Every player was brimming with the ITS spirit, making the day even more exciting. The audiences too were upbeat and supportive – after all, ITS is about more than just winning! It’s about having fun, giving it your all, and being a part of the team.

Shreya Choudhary 
ITS Content Team
(Batch 2024)