ITS Volleyball: The Emotionally Striking Match for Batch 2022


The volleyball match between Batch 2022 and Batch 2024 opened with loud cheers, lots of motivation, and a slight cool breeze in the atmosphere. The match was attended by an audience of 60 enthusiastic supporters from both batches. The atmosphere was filled with cheerful sloganeering from supporters. Enthusiasm echoed around the court and you could almost feel the palpable tension in both the teams.

Batch 2022 won the toss and they chose to serve. From the start  Batch 2022’s captain, Tanaya Morye’s accurate serves proved to be a nightmare for the First Years. The first five points were won by batch 2022 from service. Batch 2022 won the first set with a scoreline of 25-15. After this Batch 2024 geared up and came up with strategies to tackle the difficult serves.

The next set opened with slight hope for Batch 2024 as they were finally able to pick up some serves under the excellent game plan by Veeral Kaul. The match grew tense with a difference of only two points between both the teams, Batch 2022 was in the lead and the audience’s attention was fixed on the players. Some of the most spectacular shots at the net by Abhishek Anand, the star player from Batch 2022 saw them gain quite a few points. The match came to an end with the Batch 2022 defeating Batch 2024 with a score of 25-20.

Batch 2022 won the volleyball match in straight sets 25-15, 25-20.

At the end of the match, Abhishek Anand, the star player who managed to turn the tide of the match commented “It is indeed a special feeling. It feels like we have come full circle, playing with seniors and super seniors and now playing as super seniors. The volleyball court has a special place and I’m sure my teammates share the same feeling. Today was fun but also emotionally striking. It reminded me that tomorrow might be the last time a lot of us would set foot on the court”. 

For the batches of 2023 and 2024, the ITS experience has been long-awaited and they are surely making the most of it. The sense of camaraderie on the sports fields is truly a heartening moment to witness.

Chehak Agrawal
ITS Content Team
(Batch 2024)