ITS Throwball: Tayyari ke saath, Batch 2023 shines again!


On a pleasant Thursday afternoon, it was a winning streak for Batch 2023 as they won the Throwball toss and decided to serve first. With their determination to succeed, Ambika of batch 2023 scored the first point, opening the winning account for her batch.

In the first half of the first set, Batch 2024 led the game, as 2023 tried to pace things up.

Eventually, the tables turned midway, as Batch 2023 rectified their messages with a beautiful powerplay by Aditi and Divya in the form of serves and catches. The match became one-sided during the second half of the set, as 2023 made the game seem like a child’s play. Batch 2024 lost the first set to Batch 2023 with a score of 21-7.

Then came the much-awaited second set carrying some hopes for the Batch of 2024. Once again, Batch ‘24 initially showed full power on the field, with 2023 going slow. However, in the same old saga as the first set, Batch 2023 got the better of their juniors midway with coordination and perseverance. There was a lack of coordination in Batch 2024, as confusion prevailed during the middle of the match, and this led  Batch 2023 to display unity and clinch the title home. 

In yet another spectacular show, Batch 2023 stood true to their “tayyar hai hum” spirit, as Divya and Aditi shone throughout. Thus, came defeat for the junior batch, as Batch 2023 won in straight sets, the scores being 21-7 and 21-14, respectively. 

Pooja Bhatia
ITS Content Team
(Batch 2024)