The cheers became louder as the coin was tossed and the whistles blew for the match to begin. The game being the deciding one, no team was willing to give up without a fight. Their supporters’ trepidation and enthusiasm could be evident as they gathered in support.

As the first set began, it was wonderful to watch how quickly Batch 2022 scored their first three points. Batch 2023, on the other hand, did not give up hope and attempted to cover up the lead. What was humorous was that both teams did an excellent job of fulfilling their roles, and as a result, they were able to maintain their lead. The crowd erupted in applause as Sidhi Sathpathy from Batch 2022 delivered two incredible serves, bringing the score to 7-3. The captain of Batch 2023, Ambika Bapat, made an excellent comeback, and the score was tied. The entire game was close throughout, with only one point separating the two teams. Batch 2023, on the verge of reaching 21 points, stepped up their game, extending their lead and winning the opening set by four points.

With the competition heating up, Batch 2022 returned with its motto, “Haar nahi maanenge,” to keep the competition going. Batch 2023 appeared to be energised by their recent victory, as they took the lead right away this time. While batch 2023 was leading 9-4, the captain Tanaya Morye of Batch 2022 continued to play well and brought the scores back to even. The crowd was astonished to see how tight the scores were once again, with only a team’s superb serve allowing them to score. As the set drew to a close, Batch 2023 made some errors, and they lost this one, by two points.

Both teams had their strategies ready for the third and final set. It was a winner takes all situation. The game began with both teams’ players under a great deal of stress. While players like Tanaya Morye, Siddhi Satpathy, and Ambika Bapat saw a lot of good shots and catches, they also saw a lot of blunders that both sides knew would cost them a lot. When Yashi Shah from Batch 2023 took the lead, the crowd felt that they had the ball in their court this time. Batch 2022, on the other hand, was not prepared to lose, and the team captain not only tied the scores but also competed admirably by denying them any chance to score.

The entire game was quite close, making it difficult to predict who would win this time. “I feel great. We had lost both of our throwball matches in my first year, so this was a chance for redemption.” After their triumph, Tanaya, the captain of Batch 2022, gushed, “It feels fantastic winning throwball with the same team.”

Palak Mittal
ITS Content Team
(Batch 2024)