ITS Tennis Women’s Singles: Batch 2023 maintains composure and win’s singles title


Tennis is a game of perseverance and tenacity- there couldn’t have been a better example of that than the match between Aditi Krishnan (Batch 2023) and Prachi Tirkey (Batch 2022). In the first women’s singles game of this year’s ITS, Aditi showed how one can learn from their mistakes during the game and turn the tide on its head. 

The match began in a blitzkrieg fashion, with unforced errors on both ends of the court. While it was evident that the frequency of these errors would decrease once both players got into their groove, for a while it seemed that Aditi and Prachi were unable to string a rally together. What’s even more baffling is that both players were struggling to keep their services within the boundaries of the court. However, Aditi found her rhythm soon enough and clinched the first set 4-2. 

In the second set, Aditi Krishnan hit the ground running, unleashing an onslaught of deadly serves that caught Prachi off guard. She fought back in quite some style, by drawing her opponent closer to the net. However, Aditi caught onto that fairly quickly and did not repeat her previous mistake. As a result, there were some engaging rallies on display with both players refusing to give in. Eventually, Aditi used her momentum from the previous set and won this set as well, with a whopping scoreline of 4-0. 

Reflecting upon the game, Aditi said, “This was my first singles in ITS and it got off to a nightmarish start. In the first set, I felt like hitting myself after every shot I hit. It was probably because I wasn’t playing my natural game and was trying to keep the ball within the bounds. I really enjoyed playing the second set and the results showed.”

Batch 2023 secured the women’s singles title with this victory, with the first match against Batch 2024 being a walkover for Aditi.

Debdutta Sinha
ITS Content Team
(Batch 2024)