ITS Tennis Singles: Batch 2022 wins a sizzling game in sizzling temperatures


The tennis game between Batch 2022 and Batch 2024 was an intense affair not only because of the stunning shots that were on display but also because of the sweltering heat that the players had to brave through.

Aditya Ravishankar, representing the outgoing Batch of 2022, and Anshul Saraf, representing the fresher Batch of 2024 seemed up for the action that awaited them throughout the game- showcasing their vast repertoire of shots and studying their opposition. However, as match time approached, both players looked more interested in getting the basics right and keeping their composure in tough conditions.

The match began with both players taking a defensive approach, trying to avoid making any unforced errors. With an unrelenting sun bearing down on both ends, it was evident that covering the entirety of the court was going to be a mammoth task. For the majority of the first set, Anshul and Aditya went blow-for-blow, refusing to provide an opportunity to the opponent to run away with the game. Eventually, the set had to be decided via tiebreaker, with the score tied at 3 games apiece. Aditya emerged victorious in the tiebreaker with tremendous poise and clinched the set 6-4.

In the subsequent set, both players looked spent, and despite a break in between, neither one of them looked to be in the groove. Even from the sidelines, it was obvious that both Anshul and Aditya were no match for the scorching summer sun. There were numerous long rallies in this set since both players realized that this match had transformed into a test of longevity as opposed to skill. Anshul started having trouble hitting the ball midway through the first game of this set, making a handful of unforced errors. The racket kept slipping from his grasp and so did the game, with Aditya winning the second set as well. This time with a more comprehensive scoreline of 3-0.

Upon discussion with the chair umpire, both players mutually decided to forfeit the game, and Aditya Ravishankar from Batch 2022 was declared the winner. Reflecting upon the match, Anshul said, “I felt like both him and I could’ve played better had it not been so sunny. It was a great game and I think both of us played equally well.”

It was an intense match with a play that kept the audience on the edge of their seats.

Debdutta Sinha
ITS Content Team
(Batch 2024)