ITS Debut Ends in Heartbreak for Batch 2024’s Football Team


In the sweltering morning heat of the 28th of April, batch 2023’s football team defeated batch 2024 4-2 on penalties, the latter failing to capitalize on numerous chances after a dominating display at the SCMC football ground.

Following a delay of 90 minutes, the match kicked off at 10 AM, with 2024 getting an early chance as 2024 captain Debbansh Bose’s ball from the corner whizzed past the goal post.

Chances came one after the other for the ITS debutants, with 2024’s Rugved Shende squandering a chance soon, after a very good ball from Vurgese Kankali, who was one of the standout 2024 players with Bryan Bidappa, Jigish Chowdhary and the captain himself.

On the other team, Anmol Chauhan, Arnav Malhotra stood out, along with the 2023 captain Siddharth Gandhi, who was often single-handedly creating attacks with some beautiful long balls, setting the precedent for a resilient defensive team performance from the Second Years.

2024’s dominance continued for most of the game, having the majority of the possession and going close quite sometimes, with some ambitious strikes from Bose, Chowdhary and Kankali.

However, 2023 stood firm, a double save from keeper Apekshith Ganesh at the end of the second half being the cherry on the top of the cake, dragging the game to a shootout.

The penalties started off poorly for 2024, with Bose missing the first penalty. Jai Khanna missed as well, but Bidappa and Kankali thundered in their shots.

2023, on the other hand, held their nerve well, Ayushman Mishra, Arnav Malhotra, Akshat Rathee and Gandhi himself scored all four of their penalties without breaking a sweat.

“In the beginning, I thought we were underprepared, but as the game went on, I think we held our ground. Attacks? Not so much, but we defended well and took it to penalties and won the match”, stated a beaming Siddharth Gandhi, who was no doubt thrilled with the spirit his team showed.

On the other hand, 2024 captain Debbansh Bose was not deflated from the frustrating result, “We dominated the entire match, we had the ball for the entirety of the game, we had 8 open chances, we could have scored but we didn’t.”

“I’m pretty sure the next match is ours; we are the best team in SCMC’, ” he ended with confidence.

Priyasha Bhowmik
ITS Content Team
(Batch 2024)