ITS Basketball: Freshers set the court ablaze yet again


After a staggering feat at the Symbiosis Law School basketball court on the 28th of April 2022, the freshers dominated yet again against Batch 2023 at the annual In True Spirit tournament. With the adrenaline of winning their previous match against their opponents of 2022, the freshers did not let the heat or exhaustion take over as they performed with the same consistency against 2023. 

It was an intense match and the court had come alive with supporters of both teams cheering with enthusiasm. What seemed to be a tough match to predict initially had quickly turned one-sided. Batch 2024 Captain and star player Armaan Gupta seemed to pick the team up and lead them to victory. He managed to lift his team’s spirit with his motivational words and wisdom. Batch 2024 seemed to have everything planned to the brink, as their coordination, teamwork, gameplay and communication remained consistent and clear even at the height of the game. 

The captain of Batch 2023 himself, Rajneesh Shyam, was relentless with his drive and defence and gave Batch 2023 a chance in the game. Anmol Chauhan with his towering height and extraordinary skills ably complemented him. He managed to pierce through much of the defence of Batch 2024. It is safe to say that Batch 2024 felt a lot more pressure and resistance in this game as 2023 did not give them an easy win. Additionally, the female captain of 2024, Dishha Prasad, with her agility and speed, crossed the court in the blink of an eye and scored field goals to increase their motivation. 

Other team players such as Jigish Choudhary, Sartaj Sekhon, Prashant Jhawar, and Mansi Adya of Batch 2024 made the team a force to reckon with due to their unrelenting efforts and dedication. They did not fail to make their captains proud. This consistent effort led Batch 2024 to create a staggering score of 29-12 against Batch 2023. The audience sure was thrilled and amazed by the startling performance of the freshers as they took the court by storm. When asked the captain Dishha Prasad about her thoughts about yet another win, she responded, “It was our first time here, and we won. It was lovely playing with everyone, and I hope to see you all on the court next year. I’m very proud of my team.” On the other hand, captain Ishita Madiwale responded simply yet effectively, “We will win the next one.” 

It was a thrilling night of entertaining matches as the ITS fervour grips SCMC.

Alfiya Kazi
ITS Content Team
(Batch 2024)