ITS Basketball: 2023 steals 2022’s last hurrah


An exhilarating season of ITS Basketball came to an amazing end with the final match between 2023 and 2022. The field was ablaze with the sound of cheers and hoots. Although the seniors were there to take the match away as their one last hurrah, their juniors were not ready to go easy on them. 


The captain of the 2023 team, Rajneesh Shyam, was the star of the match and his entire team offered the perfect support system with their intense coordination. Batch 2022 didn’t let the match go for even a moment – the team focused on quick passes, strong defense and swift offense till the very end to make their last match worthwhile; however, it was Batch 2023 that eventually stole the show.


The match began with a clear score of  6-0 in the first quarter. The second quarter became much more interesting as the game picked pace, with a score of 11-7 and 4 fouls. A score of 13-8 was witnessed in the third quarter, and the match eventually concluded with a score of 22-14 in favour of Batch 2023. Batch 2022 had stepped onto the field with confidence and a willingness to make this opportunity count, but after the first 2 quarters, the end result became pretty clear.  


Both team captains had a lot to say about their performance.The team captain from Batch 2023, Rajneesh said, “We had less practice this time. Could have done much better.” Kanishk Joshipura, the team captain of Batch 2022 said, “We wanted to win this because it was our last match but Batch 2023’s performance was great”. 


All-in-all, a crush of one fine evening yielded great results for one team and great memories for all.

Aashna Arora

ITS Content Team

(Batch 2024)