ITS Badminton Mixed Doubles: Batch ‘22 goes out with a bang!


The badminton mixed doubles event of this year’s ITS was filled with exhilarating shots and unbelievable coordination between partners. With every match being more high-octane than the previous one, the tension in the audience was palpable towards the end. 

Everyone knew that they were in for a treat as soon as the first fixture between Batch 2024 and Batch 2023 commenced. Harman and Yeshi Shah unleashed a barrage of smashes on the pair from ‘24. However, Vaishakh and Tarishi bounced back in quite some style and took the game to their opposition. In the end, 2023 had the last laugh in both the games as they came out victors (21-15, 21-17). 

Notorious for their relentless style of play and sensational shot-making, Atharva Agashe and Malvika Binu had a confident aura around them which seemed to faze the pair of Manas and Tarishi from ‘24. A good burst of aggression from Atharva saw Batch 2022 race to a 7-3 lead. In the second set, both Malavika and Atharva played with a smile on their face, making it evident that they were enjoying themselves out on the court. Eventually, ‘22 won the match in straight sets, the score being 21-9 in both games. 

In the final match of the evening, Batch 2022 was up against 2023 and the team from 2022 looked a class apart in this one. There comes a time for any good player when the net does not seem to be an obstruction anymore, and the kind of nonchalance with which Atharva was making shots was proof of that. They were outright victors in this game as well, winning the first set with a whopping margin of 21-4 and the second 21-13. 

“It was the last match of our Symbiosis career hence it was a bit emotional for us. We were confident in ourselves and gave a good fight to anyone who came up against us. It was a good win.” These were the words of outgoing badminton champ Atharva Agashe after winning their final game against Batch ’23.

Debdutta Sinha
ITS Content Team 
(Batch 2024)