ITS Athletics: The Battle of the Batches


The Symbiosis ground was abuzz early in the morning as everyone geared for the final day of ITS. People’s enthusiasm was evident in their cheers for their friends as they attempted to make every minute on the stopwatch count.

The event began with the men’s 100 m race with six participants, two from each batch, ready to sprint. Their expressions conveyed their excitement for the day’s first event. When the whistles blew, they were on their way to the finish line in no time, with Siddharth from Batch 2023 securing the first place in just 10.30 seconds. While Batch 2022 finished second, Batch 2024 finished last, clocking in 11 seconds later. The girls were next in line – Amoli from Batch 2022 was spotted running like a cheetah, as she was well ahead of her competitors and won the race in under 12 seconds.

With the first event completed, the athletes appeared to be more energized for the upcoming races. The men’s 200 m event was next in line. Siddarth  of Batch 2023 won the race by finishing in just 26.30 seconds. Sartaj from Batch 2024 stayed close behind and arrived in another 2 seconds, while Akshat from Batch 2022 finished last, taking another 30 seconds. Amoli from Batch 2022 took another win in under 30 seconds in the women’s category, while Dishha Prasad of Batch 2024 came in second. Batch 2023 fell short by 6 seconds.

With the 400 m race up next, Armaan Gupta won the first race of the day for Batch 2024, finishing in 58 seconds. Jatin from Batch 2022 lost by 2 seconds, while 2023 lost by another 6 seconds. In the women’s category, Malvika finished in 1 minute and 18 seconds, indicating that Batch 2022 was not to give up soon for their penultimate ITS. Batch 2024 came in last, losing by 5 seconds, while Batch 2023 lost by 2 seconds.

The long distance races began with the men’s 800m race. As the race began,  Kavish Sharma from Batch 2024 was leading by a significant margin, and Naman from Batch 2023 bowed out after only around 300 meters. Despite everyone’s anticipation of Kavish winning, Manav overtook him in the final 25 meters and won it in a split second. It was now up to the women to see who could bridge the gap, as Dishha Prasad of Batch 2024 got off fast and didn’t look back. To everyone’s surprise, both participants of 2023 and 2022 were well behind her the entire time. Dishha won the race in 3 minutes and 36 seconds, while Ria from Batch 2022 took approximately 4 minutes, and Eesha from Batch 2023 was 30 seconds behind her.

After a long and exhausting race, it was time for the relay. Everyone was placed in the final positions with a mix of girls and boys, resulting in four runners from each batch. Armaan Gupta started for Batch 2024, Yashvardhan for Batch 2023, and Jatin for Batch 2022. Jatin was spotted taking the lead, while Armaan took his time delivering the baton to the next in line, Dishha. While Batch 2023 maintained a steady pace, the game turned upside down when Amoli from Batch 2022 took the lead. Batch 2022 won the relay in 55.35 seconds, while 2023 and 2024 finished second and third, respectively.

Palak Mittal
ITS Content Team
(Batch 2024)