They say life at college is a time filled with anticipation, some anxiety, and wonderful discoveries. Although there is no dearth of activities and field trips at SCMC, my most memorable and enjoyable moments in college have been the classes I attended.

The first semester introduced me to an interesting mix of courses like: Aesthetics, Sociology, Photography, Economics, Communication and Business Studies.

The major challenges of college work are the large volume of reading, short deadlines, and writing. Although it seemed too much to take in at first, slowly I started to enjoy reading, researching and writing my assignments. The best ones undoubtedly were the Aesthetics ones. We were left free to explore our creative potential, received constructive feedback and most importantly, were appreciated for our good work. The feeling when the professor holds up your work and shows it to the class as a good example is an amazing one. The Aesthetics classes have allowed me to gain knowledge about a variety of artists and paintings. Had I not had a chance to attend SCMC, I would never have known about the various impressionist and expressionist painters and their fascinating work.

Practical classes like Photography and Dark Room were great fun. I have an interest in photography but did not know about it in detail. The classes showed me so much more.

In addition to learning practical skills, being in college has also taught me a lot about social sciences like Sociology and History. I have had the privilege of learning in depth about religions such as Judaism, Islam and Christianity and their histories and relevance in today’s time. Sociology taught me about the various concepts of Marx, Durkheim and so on.

My most favourite class of the semester, however, would be MCR (current affairs) with Amitabh DasGupta sir. His classes made me realise that I need to understand the crux of the news I read every day. His explanations were always great eye-openers. He would never impose his opinions on us but simply give us facts and encourage us to form our own opinions. His classes were very interactive and let us design them as we saw fit. This subject is a very valuable and important part of the college experience because not only does it allow one to understand how media works, but also gives us more knowledge of what the media is actually capable of.

I feel that going to college is not only about getting a degree but also about finding out who you really are.

Looking forward to Semester 2!

Article by- Aroshi Handu (Batch of 2019)

Photograph by- Aroshi Handu (Batch of 2019)