In that half-hour


And I stand under the shower
With my red, watery eyes
Turning the knob towards the right,
Towards the warm side
In a hope to acquire some warmth,
Warmth, cause its absence usually haunts
Water above me, water beneath me
Making use of each drop to conceal,
Conceal, the tears that don’t really heal
Ask me why do I do that?
So that even I don’t see
The amount I shed, my eyes so red
But I do feel it when the water slips by
The anger, the pain touching that body of mine
But then, when I look around,
It’s just steam that surrounds,
Steam which there, has me bound
My vision becomes hazy, once again
As hazy as it always has been
But, I guess, in that half an hour,
It’s just the state of oblivion that surrounds me…

Nipun Gupta
(Batch 2023)

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