How to Make the Most of Lockdown


I went all-in. I started my lockdown period with a lot of hope and determination to learn everything I probably could. I picked up some online courses related to Finance, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, and Predictive Analysis. I began my side-hustle of a print-on-demand e-commerce store. I started learning how to edit YouTube and TikTok videos. I picked up 2-3 business books to read. I registered myself on freelance websites. And honestly, it ended up being a total a disaster. But as it turns out, I am not alone.

I never touched the courses again for at least 4 weeks. I had to stop working on my store due to various reasons. I had zero luck getting freelance gigs. I got bored of learning online and reading nonfiction. I eventually ended up binging TV shows and movies on Netflix to get tired of it as well.

I decided discern why exactly I was getting caught up in the vicious cycle of acute boredom. Almost a week or two later, here I am, back at everything I started but this time with more energy and focus. I have completed reading a book and am onto the next one as I write this article. I am trying a new niche for my e-commerce store, working on two projects with limited time to each, learning and understanding business and marketing and delving into online content and podcast. I have my YouTube content kick started as well.

Did I encounter philosopher’s stone? No.

Here are three key reasons why I was not being able to make the most of my quarantine.

  1. Treating the lockdown as a desi wedding buffet

Most of us are struggling because we have taken a lot on our plate. Be it workouts, social presence or our Netflix watch list. It is imperative to prioritise in order to focus. We can’t possibly do our assignments, projects, watch Netflix, start a dream project, learn online courses and learn to cook, all at the same time.  This time is not a buffet where we have to eat everything.

  1. Lack of routine

The biggest drawback right now is having no sense of time because there is no routine in our life. Our lives have always had a routine. If one excludes summer vacations, we have always had a routine in school, then in college and eventually later in office and our jobs. A life without routine seems like a life without an aim. In order to get things done we need to have a routine. Even if it is as simple as getting up at 9.

  1. Getting overwhelmed by the things that we can do.

With everyone at home trying new things, learning online or just casual scrolling on social media, it is very much possible to get overwhelmed by the amount of things one can do and the amount of things one should do. The overt exposure to the content creates a choice paralysis and we end up feeling bad about not being able to make a choice in the first place. The best way to overcome this is to take action – fast. If it turns out to be right, then good, you can carry on with more. If it doesn’t turn out to be fruitful, go back and learn some more and take action again – fast. We have a tendency to learn as much as we can about a given problem or situation that we end up doing nothing as our energy gets exhausted by the time we are about to take action. This above method of taking action right after learning from 2-3 sources could prove extremely beneficial.

The lockdown period is about to end but the time we are going to spend at our homes is certainly going to be long enough. The time is on our side. Therefore make sure you take your projects slowly but consistently. That’s how you make the most of your quarantine period.

Suryansh Tomar
Batch 2021