‘For a person whose focus is not “frivolous fun”, SCMC is the best place to be at.’

A person always has a very flawed notion of college when they are in school. We all romanticize the idea of going to college, the probable lack of academic burden, the impending leniency, the hopefully indifferent attitude of the faculty and all those things that actually shouldn’t, in all sanity, be romanticized. Flash-forward a few months; cut to SCMC.

Expecting Symbiosis to reflect a typical Delhi University College, if not worse, I joined this programme, as we had seen all the strictness we deserved in school. However, looking back at things, I can recollect that school discipline was a farce. I was introduced to the true essence of discipline at SCMC. We were told repeatedly that this is not a college, rather a professional training institute. And fortunately for me, things could not have been more professional. We have been trained rigorously in all aspects of work management. SCMC keeps preparing us for the industry at every step, making sure that we do not have time to while away, and even when we do, we channelize it into something productive. For a person whose focus is not “frivolous fun”, SCMC is the best place to be at.

I still remember an incident that took place midway through my first NGO internship in Delhi. I was sitting in the office preoccupied with the work I had received. Suddenly I heard this new intern express his frustration towards the amount of work he had been allotted. His task was probably a tenth of my task. However, I did not feel any such burden because I had already been hardened by SCMC towards such things. Sticking to deadlines, if not submitting beforehand, had become an innate quality. I finished my work before the intern and also helped him with his task. This quick and apt submission of work was highly appreciated by my mentor at the organization and a good word was put in for me while my internship was being graded. I suddenly felt proud of myself with profound gratitude for what SCMC had prepared me for.

It is without any hesitation that I can admit today, that all the training I am receiving till date, will definitely give me an edge over other people aspiring to be part of the industry. The quality of work done by a student from SCMC speaks for itself. I am highly obliged to the ‘professionalism’ (and not ‘strictness’) that SCMC imposes as it keeps polishing me and pushes me to aim higher with every project.


Article By: Utkarsh Bhushan Goel (Batch of 2018)

Photograph By: Aditya Sinha (Batch of 2019)