Harmony of the Heart and Mind

One of the greatest quarrels of humanity is the one between the heart and the mind.

My favorite question to ask people is, if they follow their mind or their heart?  This question is usually met with one of the three following responses.

  1. “I follow my heart, of course” (with full Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani vibes).
  2. “Heart clouds your judgment with emotion. Always be logical and listen to your mind.”
  3. “What’s the difference between the two?”

I’ve pondered this pattern a lot, and I still cannot completely comprehend one bit of it. Should I be logical? Or do I follow my heart, even if it sounds atrocious? We often hold on to our heart, and the mind descends into a well of self-doubt, unleashing all havoc. Being practical and following the mind, leaves a void in the heart. It seems like no middle ground can be found.

But, what if there is no tug of war between the heart and the mind? What if they are simply metaphors creating a false dichotomy? Scientifically, all thoughts originate in the brain. But, we associate thoughts and emotions with the heart because of the physical expressions of critical decision-making like an increased heart rate or rapid breathing! This illusion is merely the mind over-thinking and questioning its own decision to eventually make the best and most satisfactory choice for the situation. There is no formula to untangle this knot. The best decisions are made from understanding the logic your mind provides and the guidance your heart presents.

This article is not a movie hero’s scripted monologue, nor is it unsolicited advice. It is merely a reminder that it is completely normal for the heart and mind to seem like they are at crossroads. As, at the end of the day, this illusion will find harmony and continue to exist peacefully together.

Have a harmonious day!

Written by: Manasvini Sekar (Batch 2024)
Art by: Vignesh Kannappan (Symbiosis Institute of Design)