What Half Done at SCMC, Pune Looks Like

It is okay to make mistakes because that’s what would help me grow

The past three semesters at Symbiosis Centre for Media & Communication hurried past me in a blur of activities and I was left flirting with the innumerable memories that etched themselves in my heart and mind.

If I were to talk about an incident or event that I found particularly positive, it has to be the Consumer Behaviour lectures taken by Prof. Kavitha Iyer. The reason I call these range of lectures as the most positive experience is because I learned two very important things during this module. First, it is okay to make mistakes because that’s what would help me grow. In no way did this mean that I was allowed to be careless with my work; but in fact it made me less fearful of them. Kavitha Ma’am’s classes were very interactive and informative. She encouraged us to open our minds and channel our thinking process in a way that is conducive and productive. I was always a little reluctant to share my opinion with her for the fear of being incorrect. However, she emphasised the sheer importance of voicing out my ideas and thoughts. Her acceptance of my mistakes and incorrect answers helped me to not only accept but learn from them too. For someone who is perpetually evasive to criticism, I interacted a lot in her class.

I remember eagerly waiting for her classes, excited and enthusiastic to listen, absorb and engage. Her lectures were a mix of theory and practical knowledge, incorporated with advertisement campaigns from all over the world, followed by lively and vividly interesting discussions. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I were to say that college made me enthusiastic about the Consumer Behaviour classes. The amount of knowledge that I was gathering in the cup of my brain and in the pages of my notebook was thrilling.

Secondly, her classes were intellectually stimulating. They gave us an opportunity to push ourselves, think beyond the obvious, and come up with novel ideas since she was always there to help you out and chisel your ideas in a more structured shape. Among the other courses that are taught at this mass communication College, I was the most motivated to put in efforts in this course and make the maximum out of it!

Article by: Pracheta Jain (Batch of 2019)

Photograph by: Ankita Chawla (Batch of 2019)