I learnt to effectively perform on my assignments and deliver them in time

In the last five months, I explored aspects of myself more than I had ever done in the past 17 years. During the first month, I learnt to effectively perform on my assignments and deliver them in time. Living in the hostel, I did not have my mother to constantly remind me of my priorities and this helped me to grow as a person who knows their responsibilities as a student, media aspirant and an individual.

These five months at Symbiosis Centre for Media and Communication have helped me in forming more responsible outlooks towards society and our Study Tour to Panchgani made me emotionally aware. Thus, this place is all about evolving in every way that a person can.

Much like the people around me, initially, I was faced with anxiety, the fear of socialising or getting caught up in unpleasant situations. However, I’ve come to break all of those barriers now. I met people from all across the globe and everyone has diverse viewpoints on varied subjects. This experience of overcoming barriers and connecting with people with myriad opinions has broadened my horizons and given me more scope to grow.

Classes at SCMC include innumerable subjects – current affairs, journalism with its relevance in impacting society and individuals, aesthetics and various others. Milinda Ma’am taught us Aesthetics and Visual communication and her lectures left a direct and deep impact on me as compared to any other. We were made to do creative assignments and encouraged to look at things with an aesthetic eye. It would be right to say that our belief of making academics a fun way of learning was upheld.

I remember reading a quote somewhere that said ‘Home is more of a feeling than of a place’. Even though my home only a couple of hundred kilometres from Pune, I do not miss Mumbai that much. Only SCMC with its local buddy initiative, engaging lectures and other creative programs can make this Bombay girl to get her heart to settle in Pune.

Article by: Anushka Jain (Batch 2019)

Illustration by: Noreen Shah (Batch 2019)