Grey Scale: Escaping the Abyss in You

FILM REVIEW: The ordinary human mind craves familiarity, security, even monotony over change. It interprets these as signs of prosperity and accomplishment. But there are a few among us who yearn for fresh experiences, better challenges to stimulate their intellect and keep it from falling into the dreary desert sands of dead habit. Grey Scale is an exemplary example of the extraordinary that can happen, when two artists meet.

Grey Scale’ is a Poetry Film where Anamika Chakravarty’s spoken words and Apoorv Mahajan’s visualization come together to weave magic in the viewers’ mind. The poem speaks about the unclaimed opportunities in life and the euphoria in breaking free of the four walls which confine us. The roots of unspoken relations around us turn into vines of suffocation over time. The visuals of ordinary life depicted in the movie, beautifully complement and underline the subtext. The spoken words of Anamika’s poetry make us confront our darkest fears, while also filling us with hope by the end of the film. Apoorv’s cinematography captures the personal thoughts Anamika wanted to convey through her poetry.

It may seem impossible to believe, but ‘Grey Scale’ is the effort of just two creative individuals, who came together upon recognizing the other’s talent and passion for storytelling. Coming from two of SCMC’s freshmen, ‘Grey Scale’ was highly appreciated. It was also sent to the Pune Short Film Festival, 2018.

‘Grey Scale’ is not meant to be seen in a hurry, it demands time and contemplation to appreciate the beauty and depths of the poetry.

Abhinav Singh
(Batch 2021)