Great Ideas Come at Unexpected Times


Regardless of the circumstances, SCMC has always trained its students to adapt to the constantly evolving environment. In view of this, the university’s Advertising Club came up with a great initiative called SCMC Vigyap – a platform for all the students to build their own portfolios in the most engaging and creative way. It is a place where every person with the passion of creating content, can showcase their talent on a professional scale.

Living in the digital age, one major prerequisite is ‘creativity.’ The industry is looking out for young content creators as content generation is now the barometer for creativity. A portfolio is a collection of work samples relating to the field one wants to go in. There are so many ideas that cross our mind every day, Vigyap provides you an opportunity to turn those ideas into creative content which will add on to your portfolio. The narrative of “thinking out of the box” doesn’t fit in here, because Vigyap wishes to not be contained in a box to begin with. “Think, Believe, Create” – the philosophy of Vigyap, not only explains the process of content creation but also pushes the students to bring their ideas to life.

The Vigyap logo is a Rubik’s cube, which is left unsolved at one side. It is a metaphorical depiction, like how a Rubik’s cube is similar to Advertising wherein you are constantly finding solutions that are different but your own. It is symbolic of intelligence and creativity. The one unsolved side shows that if you have everything but one side figured out, the last one isn’t too far. Advertising is a step by step process; all you need is just the will to solve problems and a mind filled with ideas. The Ad club heads, Shashank B. and Mallika Mansuri, along with their team have created an exclusive and professional website for their ‘one of a kind’ initiative. The website includes an E-Magazine, which is specific to the theme of Advertising and the league. Another writing space is the blog aka rant section, which is open to everyone for putting in their views about the Advertising Industry. The writing spaces will help the students to research and learn more about the dynamic industry.

The steps towards building your portfolio and getting rewarded for that is mentioned under Vigyap’s League – which includes Five rounds of challenges, whose difficulty level increases in ascending order. It is designed in a way to get your creative juices flowing and be productive at the same time. “When I became the Ad Club head, I wanted to create a legacy which will always be associated with the Ad Club, and Vigyap is seeing that idea come to life” said Mallika, Batch 2021. To this, Shashank B. from Batch 2021 added “For me, as an Ad Club Head, Vigyap is an excuse. An excuse to get better, create content and start working on my portfolio. The best excuse I know of, to ensure that quality content gets more than just mere social media recognition and is recognized officially by the institution.” The first round of Vigyap, which included the participants to turn any pop culture scene into an ad for their brand, was scheduled between 16th – 22nd August 2020. It saw massive amount of participation and the results were declared on 29th August 2020, with the best three topping the points table.

Just like every other aspect of the initiative, the launch was also unique and stood out. The Ad Club heads decided to use a mix of tools from Advertising and PR. The campaign was buzzworthy and faced mix reactions from the students. The fact that this idea came out during the most unexpected time, proves the commitment and dedication of the Ad Club Heads. Wondering how to keep yourself busy and enhance your abilities? Vigyap will surely give you a push to work hard and create a record, while you have fun! To end with, the Ad Club heads have something to say – “We make a lot of excuses every day, do yourself a favour and try this one too.”

Shirin Pajnoo
Batch 2022

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