A Gram of the Public’s Policies!


“Knowledge is power and credible sources help us take effective decisions quickly”

In an era when the lack of understanding of new policies pushes our country to protests and disruptions, SCMC Alumni Yash Agarwal and Swati Singh from Batch 2019 introduced the world to ‘Public Policy India’. A knowledge platform completely dedicated to the cause of Public Policy, the site furthers policy  understanding, accessibility and engagement among ordinary Indian citizens by simplifying it manifold. Public Policy India is a diverse canvas covering a range of topics, an element of which is ‘Policy Gram’- through their Instagram handle, they reach Gen Z by explaining policies that otherwise appear to be complex at first glance.

Public Policy India has developed a particular set of features or products which cater to a wide audience,  short on time and eager to learn. At Public Policy India, team members solicit and publish significant  contributions of Members of Parliament, bureaucrats and scholars.  In an aim to transform regular  citizens into informed ones, Public Policy India’s ‘Policy Gram’ delivers information right to one’s Instagram feed, combining political news with other day-to-day issues.

Under SCMC alumni Yash and Swati, Policy Gram (Public Policy India’s Instagram handle) has emerged into a connector for Indian citizens and policies issued by their Government. Policy Gram explains complex issues in simple 10-slide posts; so, if words like ‘Policy’ and ‘Budget’ scare you, this page is a one-stop solution for understanding everything that might seem confusing in print. With interactive imagery and to-the-point language, Policy Gram simplifies policies, issues and government rulings to such an extent that they appear as simple stories that require our attention. Some major topics covered by them include a review of the Health Budget 2021, Climate Change Policies, India’s National Family Health Survey, Digital Governance and many more. Along with their routine posts, which address relevant news items and Government rulings, Policy Gram also hosts interactive Live Sessions for the on-spot exchange of ideas and concerns. In a crisp, concise and engaging manner, they explain to their audience what a particular policy means and how it may impact regular citizens.

Another aspect of Public Policy India is their weekly newsletter ‘The Policy Post’- it features top stories from the policy world as well as internship or job opportunities in the Public Policy, Development and Communications sectors. The newsletter is a no-nonsense summary of all policy-related news, delivered right to its subscribers’ inbox every Friday!

SCMC congratulates our brilliant alumni for their unique idea and hopes that it achieves the amount of political literacy that it intends to achieve!

Follow Policy Gram here: https://www.instagram.com/thepolicygram/


Maansi Anand

(Batch of 2023)


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