Going Forward: One Achievement at a Time

We often stumble upon opportunities we thought we’ll never get. And I got such an unanticipated opportunity at my workplace in the second week of my internship, which was, of course, a pleasant surprise.

After getting over the intimidating first week and trying to adjust to the new daily routine, I rejoiced at the idea of spending my weekend in my bed with my books. Yet, the weekend passed me like a warm breeze and brought in the next week of work. It began with me getting review on my first week’s work. Then, I got more work and more tasks at hand which I was quite pleased about.

The week went on quite peacefully barring one particularly remarkable incident. It was while trying to seek more clarity on a particular task from my Boss, she invited me to join a meeting to develop an understanding about a particular brand. Thus, I ended up sitting in a meeting with the most experienced members of the organizations and the department heads. It was frightening to say the least! However, sitting in a brainstorm session was informative and quite a learning experience. I was able to put a few of my points forward which felt like an achievement in itself.

After the meeting, I got briefed about my particular task in the project. The next day, I completed the task and sent it in with the fear of not having it done correctly. Thankfully, my seniors appreciated my work. This is how I was able to become a part of a very important project in the second week of my internship.

Sreya Bhattarjee
(Batch 2020)