…that everyone is good at something and true strength lies is combining everyone’s strength and working cohesively

“The first semester.” These three words are more symbolic in a lot of sense to all the students of SCMC than anything else. When I first entered SCMC, I was in a state of conflict. I wasn’t really sure whether I wanted to pursue Audio-Visual or Advertising as my specialization. Throughout these six months, various instances like post screening discussions, usually with our Director, various opportunities to be part of short films shot by our seniors, film making competitions and so on have confirmed my love for the AV course. I have realized that even though a person might have a particular skill, the field that we are planning to get into will involve perfection in his/her already acquired skills and knowledge of all kind is beneficial. I have also realized the importance of multitasking and how it is critical in the media industry.

A positive change that I have noticed in myself is that I, now feel better equipped to handle whatever is thrown at me. I have learnt not to shy away from challenges and adhere to deadlines. This was inculcated through the constant bombardment of assignments. Most importantly, this was a change my parents too noticed in me. They mention how I have become humble, in terms of being more accepting of people. This also made me realize that everyone is good at something and true strength lies is combining everyone’s strength and working cohesively. Coming to college, after 12 years of schooling, it seemed that the process of learning was completely revolutionised for me. The entire environment at SCMC was professional. It was a lot different from school and I realised that the responsibility of surviving college lied solely with me; it was us for ourselves.

Also, the comprehensive Aide Memoire and the subsequent teachings by our Director were a constant reminder of the stature of the college and the level of how the institution expects us to behave. At the summit of this semester, I realised that all efforts I had put to get where I was, were worth it. Even though in the middle I seemed like losing hope, I realised that to follow my passions, obstacles like these will have to be overcome. All in all I feel the college has and will continue to mould us into professionals, adults and more importantly better human beings.


Article by: Aayush Gaur (Batch of 2019)

Photograph by: Manasvi Singh Chauhan (Batch of 2019)