Floating Pieces of Heaven


It’s 5:30 pm, and the sky is still baby blue. In a few minutes, the pinkish-orange shades will start creeping in, making these ever-changing beauties even more mesmerizing.

As I watch the clouds move, this inner peace settles in, and my thoughts drift towards you. You with your tube light smile and a copy of ‘And the mountains echoed.’ It’s been 2 years, but the image is etched in my heart. After all, you were the one who taught me the art of cloud-watching.

I still remember the day when you decided to give me a free yet priceless gift. After dragging me up the stairs, as I joked if you’re going to push me off the terrace, you made me stare at the sky as Cherry Wine filled the air. It astonished me how little things that we don’t even notice make our lives so much more beautiful, much more soothing without us even knowing. The fluffy pieces of heaven float around as you joked about how my kindergarten dream was to jump off a plane and land on the clouds.

Well, time flew, faster than we ever anticipated; the benches and desks became our past, and new cities and their colors made us forget the warmth that white clouds gave our bond.

Life zoomed away while clouds got stuck in their sweet symphony, and I finally left Khaled Hosseini and started walking around with a Khalil Gibran in my bag.

I still watch the clouds, though; they remind me to keep moving, keep breathing as life changes… even if it’s all dark with thunder booming… that life moves on. Your clouds helped me love and live as life passed by; it taught me to cherish bonds and memories of the lost past.

We’re far apart now, and as Augustus Waters once said, “Pain demands to be felt.” It did fade with time, but one day if you want to watch clouds and listen to the same old Cherry wine or talk about the lost time over a glass of wine, I’m here for you, waiting on the terrace under these crimson skies.

As for the readers, hear the recital of Niranjana’s beautiful writing here:

Writer: P.S. Niranjana (Batch 2024)

Photographer and Video Editor: Sheikh Zaid Bin Naseer

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