Every day you discover a new facet – either of the college or of your own self

My list of First’s at Symbiosis Centre for Media and Communication began with my first rendezvous with the institute during the Personal Interaction and Writing Ability Test (PI-WAT) session. The experience of merely being in the campus was overwhelming, let alone be a part of such a prestigious institution.

Experiences began getting added to the list, starting with the experience of living alone after being pampered, nurtured and to a certain extent being spoilt by my parents, to adjusting to people – extremely different and probably weird too.

But they say, all the “Firsts” are always special: be it your first Birthday, first day at school, or even as simple as the first time you go out with your friends all by yourself.

But I honestly, could not keep a tab on my lists of Firsts at SCMC: partly because I was too busy coping with them and partly, because they came in with a whole lot of surprises.

Be it my first assignment submission for Political Science which I sent in the wrong format or even the first time I took the Class Test.

My list of Firsts will not be different from the others: Be it the first MCR session with Anupam Sir, when we watched “Ankur” or the First field trip to “Bhaja Caves” or the First Lecture-Demonstration of the Sarod by the Borkar Brothers.

Having said that, I also believe each experience has brought about a different dimension to my personality.

Watching Ankur made me realise, that probably, I did have the acumen of grasping a complex yet beautiful storyline. Going to Bhaja Caves was an all-new experience because I had never been to such a height before, owing to acrophobia. I enjoyed myself, apart from getting to know about a part of History almost forgotten.

The First Lec-Dem took me back to my Kathak Classes wherein I started recalling all the “Taals” and “Sargam”.

When I look back to my First Semester here at SCMC, I surely have a lot to write and say about the memories I have carried along with me.

Merely calling it the “First” Semester of College is a different experience in itself. We had to work hard to get noticed, and since SCMC is a step ahead of all the other Colleges, we had to fend for ourselves.

My list of Firsts remains incomplete without mentioning about the Aesthetics lecture we’ve had. As enthralling as it was to be swayed away by the beautiful artwork, it was equally fascinating for me to study the subject for the first time

Since then, I have started looking for an “aesthetic appeal” in almost everything – be it magazines, home décor items, or even my dressing sense.

I feel like I have grown as an individual within these 6 months in Pune – be it submitting assignments before the deadline or even conducting myself in the public, this place has brought about a positive change in me.

It helped me cope with my “stage-fear” after I performed in Vaividhya for the “first” time and helped me mend my relations with people around me after the Panchgani Trip, which was my first study tour.

The list of Firsts can never end, especially when it is SCMC. Every day you discover a new facet – either of the college or of your own self and I am still in that very process.


Article By: Anushka Das Sharma (Batch of 2019)

Photograph By: Jimit Shah (Batch of 2018)