I was called on stage and I saw the crowd; I was speechless

“Aahan, are you sure you want to do this?” This was the question I asked myself just seconds before my first ever performance at Symbiosis Centre of Media & Communication.

I clearly remember being extremely excited when I first heard about SCMC’s cultural event, Vaividhya. I was looking forward to the music competition as I have been interested in singing for as long as I can remember. So, I started preparing for my audition for Hindi solo singing.

Soon came the day of the audition. I had my basketball tournament on the same day which was 27 km away from our college. I remember rushing from the tournament to our college just to give the audition. Thankfully, I reached on time and gave the audition. What an adventure, it was! The audition went very smoothly and I knew my chances of getting selected were high. After 4-5 days I got a mail saying I was selected to perform and that mail simply made my day. As soon as I got the mail, I started my practice. This was what I was holding my breath for, after all.

Practice was going great and I was starting to think that I could really do well in the competition. But, life isn’t always easy and so I caught a cold and got a sore throat right before the event. This devastated me and I couldn’t even practice properly the whole week before my performance.

Finally came the day of the performance. I was contemplating if I should perform because of my lack of practice. In fact, I cancelled my performance just half an hour before the event was starting. But, because of the encouragement from my batchmates and that thought of performing on the stage of the best media college in India provoked me to perform.

My performance was the first of the day. I was called on stage and I saw the crowd; I was speechless. I was literally shaking and I felt very nervous. But, as soon as I started to perform, I became calm. A veil of serenity fell over me, and I felt more connected to my art than ever. Gradually, my performance got over and I saw the crowd applaud. Seeing the crowd cheer for me brought tears to my eyes. It was undoubtedly the best moment of my time in college, till now. I won the second prize and I was happy with it. Performing after being sick and still coming second was a big achievement for me! This experience helped me gain extra confidence. And as for my next Vaividhya, my aim is already set: Gold.

Article by: Aahan Mahurkar (Batch of 2020)

Photograph by: Aroshi Handu (Batch of 2019)