My first friend was Aarti Satish, who showed me around the college and taught me how everything is supposed to run at SCMC

On my first day, the first two classes were Basic Communication Skills (BCT) and Better Language Skills. In the first lecture of the day, Prof. Triveni Mathur, who taught us BCT introduced me to the rest of the class and I really loved this because everyone was welcoming and hospitable. However, after the lesson I did not know what to do and opted to stay back in my seat as other students moved out of the class for a break. I felt so humble because everything was new, right from the people around me to my surroundings, so I did not know what to do to burst the boredom. To my surprise, a lot of people crowded where I was sitting and we had a great time sharing our backgrounds. Everyone was curious to know where I came from. I enjoyed this because I was not used to seeing such big crowds asking me a lot of questions but I loved it as by then I had realized that the course we were all pursuing required social individuals or groups of people so I opened up to everyone’s questions. My first friend was Aarti Satish, showed me around the college and taught me how everything is supposed to run at SCMC with the help of the Aide Memoire. It was so interesting being around new people, new environment, new faculties, as well as new courses. The ball was in my hands to accomplish all the tasks that I was supposed to do.

The second class for the day was Better Language Skills where our teacher called for the presentation of an assignment – to analyze what we had read over the weekend. I was not aware of the assignment since it was my first day in class. However, I decided not to give up because the reward was mere self-satisfaction and achievement.

I got up and presented what I memorized about the book, Oliver Twist because I was a literature student before so presenting was not a problem to me, but I had to cross the bridge I had come to. This was such a nerve wracking time because I had to cite something that I had not prepared for but to overcome it successfully I had to plan and mentally rehearse in that little time. Though I felt a little nervous, I loved this system – by making us present, they were training us for tomorrow because our course deals with bold and confident individuals in order to hit the nail on the head. Believe me, what we do in college today depicts what we shall be in future five years down the road. To sum it up, my first day at college was amazing and if I may judge, it acted as a catalyst to my joy and harmony for my stay in Symbiosis Centre for Media and Communication.


Article by: Evelyne Nanyunja (Batch of 2019)

Photograph by: Aditya Sinha (Batch of 2019)