My first travel story as a college student

The field trips further brought us all closer as a batch. These random informal conversations helped me in deliberating the fact that my dream is not vague and imprudent. Here, people understand and value passion

In the initial days of August when everybody seemed unfamiliar with each other, the first field trip to Bhaja Caves brought us all closer. It was an opportunity for me to interact with my professors and my batch-mates. Forgetting the assignments and class test discussions, everybody opened up in diverse ways. Some had their childhood stories to share, some had astonishing collections of music, some were willing to show their talents, while others chose to take a nap on the way. There was something about my first travel with my batch-mates and one of my favorite professors – Mr. Sagar Kamath – never let my enthusiasm down.

After reaching the destination it started raining and nobody cared about getting drenched. For me, travel is the biggest thing; it brings me closer to people. Coming to university and getting such an incredible chance to travel with the 72 or 73 students in the batch, helping each other, dancing together, sharing food and listening to ghost stories, leading to further petrifying experiences, altogether was something amazing. For the first time I felt that I was not any less worthy to be where I was. The enormous amount of knowledge and talent each student had to offer left me dumbstruck but I discerned with time that I’ve so much to learn from not only the professors and courses but also from my batch-mates.

During the journey, everyone opened up about their dreams and passions and also a lot of misperceptions. The first field trip, and all the field trips that followed, further brought us all closer as a batch. The conversations assured me that my dream of creativity was not imprudent. Here, people understood and valued passion. Furthermore, I realized that I might not be friend with everyone, but I could respect those around me.

Other than informal conversations with others, this field trip connected me to my inner self. All of my self-doubts began to fade away here; I understood how passionate I was about travelling and that my dream wasn’t improbable and my hard work towards the same would benefit me to accomplish it. This is how my first travel story as a Symbiosis Centre for Media and Communication student inscribed innumerable scripts on my core.

Article by – Kritika Singh Bisen (Batch 2019)

Photograph by – Mansi Boyatkar (Batch 2019).