I can never forget how humbling it was to see my imagination come alive on TV

I entered SCMC as a clueless young adult, and even though I am still just as confused, I am not clueless. The good thing about making decisions here is that they come with a deadline. You are constantly deciding something – which specialization to take? What part of media appeals to you? How are you going to take out time to study every course for the test on Monday?
And even though the decisions drive you crazy, they make you better informed and drive you to do things.

My favorite part of Symbiosis Centre for Media & Communication is the internship program. All my internships have helped me to not only grow into a better human being but also a better professional.

During my first industry internship, I chose to work as a copywriter at Propaganda India. Within those two months of my internship, I learnt so much about the profession. I did so much real time work and achieved so many personal milestones. However, one particular opportunity changed my career goals. On the second day of my internship, the creative partner of the agency asked what I was doing; my bored expression told him “not much”. He assigned me to write a jingle. The jingle later turned into a script. And the script, in a few months time, turned into a TVC. My first ever TVC Script for Tata Hitachi! On 15th August 2017, I saw it live on air.  I can never forget how humbling it was to see my imagination come alive on TV.

When I was arguing with my mom about how a Bachelor in Mass Communication could be a good career choice too, I never had thought that one day she would see my writing on TV in the form of a great TV Commercial.

I think that is the real power of media, isn’t it? It excites you and it gets you things you never even imagined were within your reach.

Article by: Yugishtha Srivastav (Batch of 2018)

Photograph: Still from the same TV Commercial