I experienced that hard work can be coupled with fun

Photography has always been more than just a hobby for me. I still remember my first photography class at Symbiosis Centre for Media & Communication, in which we were taught about the different types of shots.

I remember being very eager and curious before my first photography practical session. I had heard so much about it from all my friends who had already attended their first class in the photography lab. My practical group was the second last to have their session.

I was excited, also because, I think that photography is one of the few courses, for me, which was not only interesting in theory but also in practice. I remember, during our first practical session, Professor Suhas Ghatne taught us how to operate a DSLR camera. Sir briefed us about the different parts of a camera and the use of each of its component. He taught us about the importance of using a DSLR camera and the difference between its usage and that of a film camera’s.

However, apart from the classes and practical sessions, the most memorable aspect of the course was my first photography assignment. Everyone enjoyed it just as much as I did, as the assignment was completely practice-based. I went to three different locations and clicked pictures using not only natural sources of light but also artificial lights. I experienced that hard work can be coupled with fun, and that was all this assignment was about. I was very happy with my submission.

Before Professor Ghatne taught us how to operate a DSLR camera, I would use my phone to click pictures. But after clicking pictures using a DSLR, I knew that those were better than the ones I’d clicked before.

Another plus point of doing this assignment was that I got to see new places. I like travelling and I love photography and doing this assignment gave me a chance to do both the things I like to do.

In conclusion, I saw my photography skills develop and I saw myself evolve as a photographer. Doing this assignment was my best experience in the first semester at SCMC, Pune.

Article by: Adrija Saha (Batch of 2020)

Photograph by: Adrija Saha (Batch of 2020)