I realized that the true essence of MCR was to gain knowledge and not just answer the questions correctly

Living all your life in one city, under the protection of your parents, friends and teachers, makes life equivalent to a dream. When I took the decision to step out of my comfort zone to be in the best media college, I was very well aware of what I was getting into. New challenges, new people and a new city.

But they say there’s a huge difference between knowing and experiencing. When college started, I figured that this place was going to make me walk that extra mile and for that I needed to be strong. But how do you expect one to find familiarity in unfamiliar faces? How do you expect someone to accept that a place that you barely know is going to be your home for the next three years?

Amidst all these emotions that I felt during the first week of college, there came Media Content Review, a test on current events from April to July. I started my preparation with a friend. We had a few topics in mind that we thought were important and went ahead to do intensive research on them. Trying to gather as much as we could, thinking of all the plausible questions that might come and assimilating all the information in our brain; that’s how the Sunday before the exam went.

Finally, 25th July, came and it was time to take my first test in SCMC. I was well prepared and pretty confident.  As I was revising everything I had learnt, the paper was handed to me and I was perplexed. There were 60 questions out of which I hardly knew 10. It was so shocking. There was nothing that had come from the topics I had prepared. The fact that the paper was an MCQ with no negative marking was my only saving grace. I tried to get myself out of the shock and answered the questions anyway. This paper was successful in proving everybody that life in SCMC was not going to be easy.

I went in one corner to compose myself, but suddenly realization hit me. Even though I was probably going to flunk the test, the amount of knowledge I had gained was immense. If it were not for MCR, I probably would have never learnt as much as did. Suddenly, I wasn’t feeling bad at all for not doing well, because I could see the bigger picture.

That day I realized the true essence of MCR was to gain knowledge and not just answer the questions correctly.

Article By: Shubhangi Mishra (Batch of 2019)

Photograph By: Nairika Lodhi (Batch of 2019)