My First Field Trip


Mr. Bachchan brought in humor, emotions and stories as the show went on.

I remember Amitabh Bachchan’s baritone resounding in my living room as he asked the nervous contestant “lock kar diya jaye?” I remember the excitement I felt as the famous theme song of the show played behind the image of the most iconic actor of the Indian cinema. Watching Kaun Banega Crorepati on TV gave me such a trill. The fact that I was actually going to become a member of the audience in the last season of this widely loved television show made it manifold.  

Fidgety and excited, we reached the sets of Kaun Banega Crorepati in Mumbai. Being in the Film City is a privilege in itself as you get a glimpse of the seemingly perfect world of cinema. Wide eyed and awestruck, we reached the sets of KBC along with our faculty members who guided us to the venue of the show and briefed us about the significance of the trip.

The crew was very specific about the seating arrangement at the studio. They wanted to color coordinate the clothes of the audience to make sure the audience either wore bright colors that stood out in the dim colors of the studio or that they are not wearing something so bright that would get reflected in the studio light and create disturbance in the footage which we understood perfectly as we all are pursuing Bachelors in Mass Communication. After everyone settled down, the crew members took over.

As Mr. Bachchan entered the set the audience broke into applause. He humbly acknowledged our enthusiastic greeting. After a few minutes of adjustments, we were informed that the cameras were rolling. Mr. Bacchan flawlessly welcomed the viewers and moved on to introduce the contestant. As the questions started we found that the ninth season was a pacier version of Kaun Banega Crorepati. Mr. Bachchan brought in humor, emotions and stories as the show went on, making the rather tense environment of anticipation enjoyable and indulging. Each contestant had a background story which would make the audience empathize with him/her in such a way that we all found ourselves praying that the contestant won a handsome amount of money.

Shortly after the shooting ended, Mr. Bacchan came up to the audience, greeted them, clicked pictures with them and accepted gifts that fans had brought with them. After the amazing experience of seeing a super star up close, the audience left the set with a day full of memories and thrill.

Arpan Cheema (Batch 2020)
Photo: KBC Website