The First Day Anxiety

Clichés like “Give it all or nothing” and “Go big or go home” ring a familiar bell.  We tend to expect nothing less than perfect from ourselves and set standards that are too rigid for our own good.

You see, perfection is a myth. A flawed concept- for it is like wanting to run before you’ve even crawled.

Some of the greatest inventions and conveniences of modern-day society began with an imperfect design. They were mere ideas or theories that were modified by several people over time. For instance, the light bulb, aeroplanes, cameras, radios, telephones; the list could go on and on. In fact, some of these inventions were a result of an accident, for instance penicillin, microwaves, pacemakers, x-rays, insulin, etc. and still changed the world.

So, why are we scared to make mistakes…to fail? Why do we question ourselves so much? Why does that voice in our heads tell us that no matter what we do, it will never be enough? Why does the idea of doing something for the first time and not succeeding seem more daunting than jumping out of a plane with a defective parachute?

Interning at an organisation can be unnerving because everybody else seems to have it together. It is easy to forget that they too, were once where you are today. It is okay if you don’t make the perfect first impression. It is okay if you can’t write an award winning script or a copy that will sell millions of products on your very first day. As an intern, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. So make mistakes and grow. It is okay if you couldn’t give it your all today. Give it a little and give some more tomorrow.

Meher Dhillon
(Batch 2020)