Fests at SCMC

It provides an unmatched for platform for the students and also helps bridge the three batches together.

Symbiosis Centre for Media & Communication, being one of the best mass communication colleges in India has excelled at everything, be it academics or discipline. It has made sure that its students are so refined, that no agency in the country could chirp a negative word against the institution.

As much as I would like to talk about all of the field trips and the study tours, there is one thing about the college that outshines everything – its fests. From Vaividhya, its cultural fest to Maadhyam, the literary fest, SCMC has some unique and interesting events.  

From batch bonding to healthy competition, these fests make sure they have a perfect blend of knowledge and entertainment. The best part is that even the faculty takes part in these events and those segments are enjoyed the most.

In these three years of college, I have been a part of many fests – TESS (The East Side Story), a platform for independent filmmakers to showcase their work; In True Spirit, the inter-batch sports event; DZMA, a design and media festival jointly organised by SCMC and Symbiosis Institute of Design; and several others that have proved to be much enjoyable.

Of all the fests that I have attended, my favourite would be Vaividhya, 2016. It is an intra-college cultural festival organised by the Culture Club of SCMC. It celebrates the cultural diversity of SCMC. The competitions range from solo singing, duet singing to solo and group dance and even skits. Following the motto of Symbiosis, Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam, the competition also has a folk dance entry that makes students open up to various national and international ethnicities. The festival provides an unmatched platform for students to showcase their talent and helps bring the three batches together.

Vaividhya, 2016 was an experience that I believe would be cherished by our batch throughout our lives. This was the time when all of us bonded and worked so hard, that for the first time that I could sense the batch unity.

All these events have a huge impact in our life, and I am thankful to SCMC for the same.

Article by – Shivi Dhamija (Batch of 2018)

Photograph by – Anonymous