#FeeltheRush at SCMC’s First Pan-India Sports Fest

SCMC is kicking off the New Year with a bang. For the first time ever, Symbiosis Centre for Media and Communication is hosting SCMC Rush, a Pan-India Sports Fest, which will pit some of country’s finest college athletes against one another.

SCMC Rush is open to all college students and independent clubs with members ranging between 18-25 years of age. Seven events will be taking place; Basketball, Futsal, Volleyball and Tennis make up the traditional sporting events, but by virtue of being a Media and Communication institute, SCMC has put its own twist on the event. Students can participate in Sports Journalism, Sports Photography and a Sports Quiz as well to prove that thriving in this arena is not solely dependent on physical prowess.

SCMC Rush is a celebration of sporting talent around the country, and from January 9th to 11th, SCMC’s Viman Nagar Campus will be turned into a platform for camaraderie and competition, as college athletes from all over the country will hope to prove to others and to themselves, that they are among the elite. With every passing year, SCMC’s intention is to have as many colleges athletes as possible #FeeltheRush.

Akshay Thimmaya
(Batch 2020)