Ever felt silent in a gathering? Yugika Mital redefines how to present oneself


The students of the SCMC 23’ batch had the opportunity to listen to the wisdom imparted by Ms Yugika Mital an alumnus of Symbiosis on the 28th of September, 2020. She has worked extensively with digital and media brands across multiple industries ranging from The Max group to the Columbia Asia Hospitals. Her work in several Focussed Group Discussions and field research has honed her skills in effective communication. Currently, the Account Executive at Wunderman Thompson, she strongly believes that authenticity and enthusiasm are imperative for success in the media industry.

We began with an ice-breaker segment where students discussed the life of an online student and the importance of hobbies in these stressful times. This was followed by a short clip from the iconic movie “Inside Out”, to segway into creating our own definition of effective communication. After coming to a consensus, we covered the different types of communication and tools required for productive conversations. Points were raised about the importance of listening, body language, vocal variety and empathy.

The discussion was beautifully designed to progress in three segments. The first segment covered the importance of mindfulness. Knowledge about current affairs is an asset for every media student, but far more important is developing a sound opinion that still leaves you open-minded. In the first exercise, we were shown a variety of topics and students had to decide if they had an opinion, were opinionated or hadn’t thought about it at all. “Soul projects will help you thrive during your course and add credibility to your claims in an interview.”

In the second segment, Ms Yugika engaged the students with her personal passion projects and work ethic during college. Ensuring you get the hours of sleep you ‘need’ not want. We learnt that when she enrolled in multiple co-curricular activities there was positive growth in her academics and stress management. During the fifteen-minute break for food, students had their doubts regarding blog writing and time management cleared.

Upon resuming for the third segment, the focus shifted to building a network and discovering authenticity. In our next exercise, students were asked to look at different photo series and guess the hidden message the photographers were trying to showcase.

Emotionally connecting yourself to a project will reveal your true authentic self.

When having conversations with your friends, try to form deeper connections, learn to depend on each other and help each other grow. Always ensure that you are running with the group not chasing to catch up. These friends who will become your family will be the foundation of your network. Armed with her wise words she left the group far more confident about the inner workings of symbiosis and the methods to achieve effective communication.


Aryan Krishnan
(Batch 2023)

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