Embraced by the Thought!


In the modern world of global thoughts, people travel around the globe and stay away from their birthplaces, and embracing cultures becomes an integral part of life. Being a girl from a very small city of Bihar, I can surely tell a million versions of a story where embracing the culture and people becomes a part of one’s life, which goes both ways…

I got a Mind full of anger and some hopeless reaction

Coming out of my Nest, got me some terrible imagination

Chaos accompanied the life I dreamt

Thinking of friends, I felt dejected.

Freaked out the moment I met some strangers

Trying to get my hoodie on, escaping Things

Conscience says now I’m guilty of being a brooder.

Getting to know some shining stars

Brought the light to my darkest hour

Dreams – not so far

People waiting with their open arms

Holding Hands and embracing scars

All that could be said was journey is not so far

I know that it is impossible to achieve all the brotherhood needed overnight, but you’ll agree with me that we could all start afresh?

I know that there is probably no point in me writing all this but I will be elated if one among the crowd is inspired by this and changes their thought that they could attain that brotherhood, that love, that comfort, and that peace in their own little circle which can make all the difference to their life and to their fellow beings.

Art and words by:
Shradha Raj
(Batch 2024)

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